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What else?

Want to know which of the articles on this blog are my all-time favourites?

Here’s a list of just a few that I personally think are the very best ones:

Understand the most efficient word in German: da

There’s one word in the German language that German kids learn right after Mama and Papa and there’s reason for it. Let me tell you how you use it.

Why Germans Barely Use The Future Tense (And What We Use Instead)

Did you know that Germans almost never say ‘I will do it’ or ‘I’m going to do it’ or ‘I’ll be doing it’? Germans barely use the future tense and you can read here why and also what is used instead.

3 quick tips to become the MacGyver of being polite in German

It’s better not to translate literally ‘I will have the schnitzel’ when ordering in German. You’ll be shocked at what you’re actually saying to the waiter.