Our Coursebooks – German Beginner Classes

We find the Lagune series to be the best

We have tried out so many different books and found the Lagune book series to be the best. We know of universities that use the book series as well as many schools all across Germany, especially in Berlin.

Real life German

The reason we’ve chosen this book series over any other series is simply that we believe that  talking about whether you smoke or not just isn’t as relevant any more (which is a big part of the Themen book series).

We also think that German life is not all about having beer and sausages for lunch (Themen book series again). Don’t get me wrong, Germans do love their beer and sausages but there is just so much more to discover when it comes to German culture.

Since we all already know about the beer/sausage obsession, we can now move on and unearth the real Germany with the Lagune book series.

Methodology is fantastic

In addition to that, we absolutely understand why some universities work with Lagune. Its structure is clear and easy to use. Success is guaranteed through the use of standard methodology and a systematic grammar approach.

It’s like you get taken by the hand and guided step by step through important grammar topics. The Lagune series even enlightens difficult looking topics and walks you through them at the right pace and time (unlike  the Studio d and Begegnungen series).

The book is divided into groups of interrelated topics that focus on the basic skills of reading, listening, speaking and writing and all in accordance to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.