German Test – Intermediate

What questions can I expect?

The test contains multiple choice questions as well as some open questions that will help us assess your writing skills. Your listening and oral skills will be tested in a short chat on the phone.

How long will it take?

The more you know, the more questions we will ask you. You can also leave questions unanswered and or save and continue later. All up, it won’t take you longer than 20min.

How to get my oral skills assessed?

To assess your oral skills, we will email you to arrange a short chat on the phone. You will decide on the time and we promise, it won’t take long.

Pick the wrong answer.

It’s a placement test. We want to help you find the right course. Let us know you want to practise a certain topic by choosing the “wronger” answer.

Ok, let's take the test.

Sorry, test is not available anymore :/