About the Germanz

German classes in Melbourne

We have been helping others to learn German for several years, first in Germany and now in the North of Melbourne.

 We have helped to

  • take off from scratch
  • boost existing knowledge
  • pass exams
  • shrug off the fear of speaking
  • become friends with the German grammar
  • make learning more enjoyable
  • assist in finding the right memorising technique
  • take the next step
  • finally get better
  • learn German for life

Have a chat in German

Not all of our students take tests. Many just want to be able to converse in German with family and friends, on their travel in a German speaking country. Some would even love to live in Germany one day.

Some take German tests

Our students that take tests seem to pass quite well though. Here are a couple of results from the end of 2014:

  • Our last VCE student made it into the best 8% of her year in her VCE exam in 2014. Those 8% are counting English-German bilingual students as well.
  • Our last student taking the A 1.1 exam to obtain an Austrian spouse visa in December 2014 reached 92 out of 100 possible points.