12 reasons for learning German with us

Understand important bits

We teach the important bits in English, because we would like you to understand them properly without having to guess them. Then we will have a chat in German.

We believe in sustainable learning

We teach for exams as well, but not only. We want you to keep your knowledge for life not only for a test. This is why we offer you support outside of your regular courses. Sustainable learning is what we believe in.

We offer small course sizes only

Can’t imagine fighting with 20 other people for the attention of you teacher? We can’t imagine it either. This is why we offer small group sizes only, starting from 3, but not more than 6 learners per course.

We use awesome textbooks

For our courses we only use the course materials that we have tried out ourselves and have found to be the best (and we’ve tried out quite a few).

Challenge yourself with us

Not sure if you really got that one topic right? Test yourself, take a quiz or use our online resources straight away to finally understand.

We help you pass your test

Our student who took the A1.1 test in December 2014 reached 92 out of 100 points. Our VCE student came within the first 8% of her year in 2014, together with German native students.

We answer burning questions

On our blog, we answer burning questions on German grammar and culture. Have a question about a certain grammar or cultural topic? No problem, shoot us an email and we will answer it for you.

We curate the web for you.

We have been curating the web for German learners worldwide since the early days of The Germanz. Get the best from around the world in terms of language learning and like us, circle us or follow us on social media.

We are German natives

All our German teachers are German native speakers that are passionate about teaching the German language. All our teachers know at least a second foreign language. They will tell you about the best way of learning.