How to actually pronounce English words in German (Denglisch Guide Part 6)

Denglisch is so handy

This is the last part (part 6/6) of our Denglisch Guide, the incorporation of English words into the German language for the German learner.

Germans love the English language so much, they even use them when speaking German. In our Denglisch guide we figured out Denglisch is all about German grammar. In fact, Denglisch means applying German grammar rules to English nouns and verbs. We just pretend those English words to be German.


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There is one more thing, we want to talk about in terms of Denglisch which is not about the use of it or how to assimilate a foreign word. It simply is about how to pronounce our creation.


Will I have to put on a German accent?

Here is a question by an interested reader regarding the pronunciation of Denglisch words:

When I use English words when speaking German (der Computer, gehasselhofft) do I have to pronounce them with a German accent?

People ask that actually quite often. Since incorporated words are seen and used as German ones, it stands to reason to pronounce them German a.k.a. with a German accent.


Here is my advice:

You should pronounce Denglisch words English.


The reasoning behind it

Instead of mumbling the English looking word with a half German half English pronunciation, I recommend you just say them as if you were speaking English.

The reason for this advice is that Germans look up to educated people and love to show off their own education themselves. Germans hoard titles like other nations hoard physical assets of prosperity; titles obtained after years of studies, after wandering for decades through a long and everlasting dessert at German universities.

Why flaunting with luxuriant houses and expensive cars when you can show what you have gained in life with something very subtle. Something that may not be visible at first, but can be dropped here and there when needed and that once mentioned comes off clearly and well-defined, screaming: I am e-d-u-c-a-t-e-d!

Being educated also means to be able to chat away in a second, third or even fourth language. No matter how bad your German might be, pronouncing Denglisch words English will remind Germans that you speak at least another language, English, perfectly. Hence you will sound educated and well cultured.
How do you usually pronounce Denglisch words? Do you put on that German accent or even just Denglisch words when speaking English as in Can I have your handy number? Let us know in the comments.


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